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[civil travel the 上海花千坊1314world] Cancer in July

all13[civil travel the world] Cancer in July              Cancer in JulyJuly is graduation season, be most when making Cancer sad. Elementary school, middle school, high school, university, escape notOf the graduation that pass in July. The university entrance exam in those days still also is in July, the university entrance exam is far intense competition is checked in doing not have intense. Because in taking an examination of is two 3000 peopleContend for 80 are making up quota of people of at public expense, and the person that the university entrance exam is complete province contends for that 50 of % admit rate. Believe a lot of placesIt is this kind of circumstance. 9 months look not to go in before the exam book. One this year the Internet bar appears suddenly in street, dispersed again energy. Class already teachable of it doesn’t matter, namely answerBe used to, main task of the teacher adjusts namely the psychology of mem and women, especially of Sai Chun. I attend the class everyAverage even woman student thought of the belle, but dark love successful rate too low. The middle school differs with the university it seems that, the university is graduation parts company, the middle school is fast graduation however just a pair formalPull a hand, look at sad ah. The teacher comes only then come to also overlook me eventually, will not do do thought work, do not have already after allThe hope does a Beijing University Tsinghua to make outer part to the teacher, also not be joint efforts of the sort of tripartite of student of need teacher parent 3The month strives for the university entrance exam to amount to a line, so that be admitted to rising,lead that kind of student that has contribution, be destined so I am not fetchingA of the attention. 2400 money mount is spent in the home of a month before taking an examination of fixed phone, write graduation words of advice given at parting each other soMoment has connection kind eventually, although be not used at all,go up. Take an examination of in the morning, eat birthday cake, it seems that summer thiseat cake to be worn watermelon is easy have loose bowels, do not have method time to be driven together. Appraise cent is filled volunteer, with a lot ofThe person is a loath key cent euqally, also dare not sign up for bit better school with everybody, stem from awe-stricken that oneYear Beijing University Tsinghua waits a school a moment to encounter slippery iron Lu generally in the recruit students of this province greatly south answer dawn, all things is done not have early know, Otherwise I also can play 4 years to big city. Everything is bland, so the memory of the university entrance exam is inferior to even in one’s deceased father, because of the 2nd in taking an examination of is to accompanying the United StatesBeautiful dark those who love is small ambiguous. It is the 2nd, because was not taken an examination of for the first time,go up at public expense ah. Do not pass good to be in downfallen belowWhat, the classmate of junior high school is in mostly tall 3 reviewed a year again, overtook so, different like F1 matchThe pull in opportunity with motorcade distinct arrangement is same, the pull in with college not popular also or active or passive now graduate a year. Reviewed a year to know more but dark the MM that love, include present wife, she beautiful nevertheless actually notIt is me dark the object that love, because she is mine,be the same as desk. It is a year when stay in the Internet bar greatly, big 2 also be, big 3 also be, big 4 also be, all round the school allInternet bar, what the mem and women in the class understands is lucid, what Internet bar has A piece, CS of what Internet bar was installed newMap. Those who have SARS time climb iron gate, also have severe when hitting an Internet bar to wrap evening, search online location everywhere, to cipherThe fun when night knocks. Difference had the integrated quality of the person in the university to show immediately, someone plays game to sell equipment to make money, somebody is donethe representative that order check, some people learned assemble machine, somebody angled cummer, some people play outdoors small also have positive result, Play basketball play football need not carry more. A variety that everybody employs, and my Internet bar 4 years, can say only very breakBe defeated, each game achievement is belonged to in downstream. In the graduation season of the university, dark a few classes that love spend honor permits no turning backleft this town, I received new life. The computer that oneself installed in unit dormitory pulled reticle, Can hang eventually machine. It is in Jul上海千花y, for a long time also graduated without the wife of mail message, she is tall 3 pull in, compare soI am late one year the university graduates. Fortunately my mobile p上海千花网坊hone did not change, otherwise she ca上海本地龙凤自荐女nnot find me. The city that 上海千花网论坛楼风helps me will searchThe job, my unit dormitory that escapes gas of chummage water and electricity, it is our sweet fossa into nature, laoxiang knows stink photographCast, do not need mutual outfit neat. From now on chasteness is dark those who love can belong to the past only forever, be put in the heart. This in July, birthday works overtime, the conduit in the home exploded ooze arrives downstair, SIS looks long, eyeball wool fine bloodThe canal also explodes, became blood-red key point. Belle colleague is very adept, gas of showing tremendous enthusiasm saying a day is in greatly such, 34 days can disappearGo down. Just a small Bo Lisheng of married classmate MM that has loved enrages me won’t native place and

she reunites, in those days self-confidentWhen heart be thwarted, alveolus flue excessive catchs the disaster that cause, be sure to keep in mind love to want concentrated, popular feeling is measur上海贵族宝贝sh1314SHed hard, do in disorder have an affair with to have a bit notCareful, let her person become enamoured also not likely is meddlesome, have the literary girl of the thought especially. Be like fire in July, buildDiscuss an air conditioning to open 24 degrees, everybody together cool and refreshing one summer! Everybody together cool and refreshing one summer!! This card is final by laugh at li of Tibet Bei at 2012-7-17 18:25 editors5 editors


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