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A that of people small happin上海本地龙凤自荐女ERess

all12A that of people small happiness             A that of people small happinessNight arrived as scheduled, wind puffs snowflake上海花千坊爱上海, snowflake is kissing the earth, immediately melted. Farthe woods has metrical susurrate to wear quite, branch collides together, chafing, achieve gives a not very pleasantMelody: The dog sufferred Lin Zhong’s Xiaohuang to bully wailing, added for this melody another note. Lightsome snowflake is touching a window, give out infinitesimal susurrate. And on eaves already the snow of be in harmony is changed for water, dripOn the incomplete tile below the window, bite babble Dong, this sound is indistinct, in also blending in music stealthily. Still have makeMuch slighter sound is in noisy: The petal in flowerpot is stretched gently, showed bashful smiling face: The soya bean on the side is plantedChild resembling is to having some kind of longing, come slowly odd from the dew in clay everywhere wait-and-see: And extend on windowsill so lazyLumbar bug, now also must shrink into oneself is counteractive cold wind, gave out the groan of anguish of a silk. Night, this is a h爱上海自荐贴GFow interesting and rich world! Because this is a night, I can enjoy lonelinessIn particular上海龙凤后花园 song, because this is a night, belong to my one the individual’s world. Laughing, so melting that enter dreamland. The day is gradually light rise, wind stopped, snowflake also did not fall, east appeared one the silky luster of mercerized cotton fabrics is bright. Arboreous notCollide each other again, also did not have the noise of rustle, dog also do not know to hide where to rest. flower eventuallyGave that Cong Yanli, soya bean bud also already break ground and piece, bug restore to come over to hide in port from inside anguish. ThisAll sound appear to stop abruptly in same hour, those who replace is the loudspeaker in butcher hand is hoarse peddle sound, The car cries hurriedly fluted, plane howl and business is spread on the plangent sound that pass and street broadcast in acoustics deafeningmusical sound. These sou

nd were full of my ear at a draught, sleep lightly me from inside sleep. By day, the work that the sun began one day is done, people wanders in this coma, most person is probably notKnew to had forgotten probably, every time when in the still of night,上海龙凤1314419 the world that can have a bea上海外菜会所uty is in to our beck. AndHave in the night, people is silent in entering sleep, that momently ability is most unruffled. Night deep, had not waved besides snowflake fall besides everything of other as scheduled and to. Listening, contentedLaughed, heart flower also left. Heart flower also left.. This card is final by Vipsextosex at 2012-8-20 19:01 editor1 editor


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