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S阿拉后花园ilver medal also hero

all21Silver medal also hero             Silver medal also heroThe topic of the most popular recently the most fetching attention is the Olympic Games undoubtedly, chinese good athlete goes all out in work in London do all one can, Created a lot of good grade. Hinder the relation at time difference, more moment I can pay close attention to after rising in the morning only oneThe co夜上海论坛ntest of next before dawn besides. When I open computer this morning, was attracted by a video, content is weight lifting good athlete Wu Jingbiao is obtainedGet silver medal, cry bitterly bows say ashamed is right country. Tell the truth I see this inspects sc

reen very feel sad, looked repeatedly again laterA few, the man that sees such an iron bone clank bursts into tears, make popular feeling painful really. Boy, actually youNeed not so sad, silver medal is quite good also, we also are your pride. I understood setting later. Wu Jingbiao is a soldier, from 2010 the Asia Game beginsAll the time achievement is very good, developing gold this namely even world record came, last accidentally drop wins silver medal should alsoIt is a not minor accident. Perhaps be the mood that such fall just lets him temporarily ou爱上海贵族宝贝自荐shlf1314EFt of control. Do not cross me or verySee most person is in very well-meaningly gladly evaluate this work, most netizen is saying to get silver medal also alreadyVery good, wu Jingbiao still is our hero. Exercise is needed in light of the eye that actually we should use a kind of kindnessMember people, they are t全国凤凰楼信息网站raining assiduously at ordinary times, the effort on competition ground goes all out in work, they were paid too much and too much. Resemble lifting especiallyWeigh such motion, it is very big to the injury of the body, after retiring, having a lot of weight lifters is a suitInjury, their heart heart reads aloud read aloud want, contend for honorarily for the nation for the motherland namely. Of course also a few people are opposite Wu Jingbiao fleer, they think Wu Jingbiao is gold machine, got silverThe card still cries is to have violate Olympic Games spirit. I can say such person does not have feeling too really only. Wu Jingbiao is one name armyPerson, the concept that he accepts all the time trains hard namely, create grade, the win honour for that it is a country, and he also is all the timeSo do, this is glorious, nature of a silver medal should be harvested however when he can take gold so the meeting is sadThe meeting is regretful. And he made clear him just about so is a vivid, conscientious have take on, have ethical gloryPraise the man of feeling, I admire his admire very him, he also went with his action carry out the Olympic Games essence in his heartMagical. My high school when also attend athletic meeting on behalf of class, the achievement of our class is grade is best all the time, butIt is sports achievement very poor, high school never has obtained movement of a school 3 years to meet the first. Tall 3 when I attendRice and 1500 3000 meters match, but obtained two very regretfully finally only the 2nd, especially1500 meters match, I am mere finally slow rice of the first 1 , I run the individual is done when crossing terminus paralysisFell, because since is 上海花千坊1314ERtired, because had embarrassed,also be, also have the feeling that wants to cry, there is a kind to I am sorry in the heart class, I am sorry the feeling of the classmate that cries out for me, up-to-date I or meeting feel regretful. So of this Wu JingbiaoCry bitterly apologizes I can understand very much, what him since dreams is undone, also be to I am sorry the person that supports oneself. Olympic Games spirit is taller faster stronger, be such spirit is invigorating the mankind to break through ego ceaselessly, creationThe history. Although there is a few really in Chinese Olympic Games now,change flavour, gold sees only in having eye of a few people, have a fewPerson very utility, but athletes are innocent, resemble Wu Jingbiao especially such person, he should not bear thatheavy pressure. China begins to attend the Olympic Games not to spend a few time to now from 84 years, believe the gold of compatriotsBrand concept can improve somewhat slowly, and our gold can drive national constitution truly rise. To that moment, whenWhen the athlete wins silver medal, they state they endeavored haughtily, obtained a silver for the motherlandCard, we also are met very unfeignedly acclaims for them. I await that one arrival of the day. I await that one arrival of the day.. This card is final by Wcd0094 at 2012-7-31 20:55 editors5 editors


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