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Commemorate our partin上海大龙凤EFg youth

all7Commemorate our parting youth 新上海龙凤ER           Commemorate our parting youthLife alternate, day after day, chun Xiaqiu winter, year answer a year. Bottle turn the star moves, days if Bai Ju is too unoccupied place, Youth already was like as transient as a fleeting cloud. The girl’s youth only then at 11 – 12 years old, the boy’s youth only then at 13 – 14 years old, that age mePeople still lie mostly in the campus of junior high school, we begin pair of beautiful girls of muddled to produce good opinion, to the girlBody organ produces a few curiosity, generate a few doubt to his body organ even. We had been no longer in one’s childhood so childlike, we can retain our a few think of a way to parents, Also no longer complete only the teacher’s command is from. We have our a few judgement, although these judgement are very much notCorrect, funny even, but at least we had had certain independent consciousness. This moment becomes us, alreadyBefore unlike so darling child, also after unlike so force male. Our meeting of adolescence looks fine jade precious jade, the talk feeling of banquet thin silk, meet the knight-errant that sees Jin Yong, Gu Long. Which do we expectA day oneself can become the hero in drama, or is tasteful Ti Tang, jade tree faces wind, can the beauty of cuddle returns, Or gest is preeminent, help up by force v hoe weak, can manage state affairs makes the same sco体验上海黑玫瑰re the world. Of adolescence we are cared about to the spring with brilliant pediment no longer, won’t be reluctant to leave to scorching summer, butCan meet the autumn that likes maple leaf adrift, the winter of or a world of ice and snow. Bear a little hard, a little painful evenThing, arouse a billows compared with those not insipid more attract us. Of adolescence we had not learned each trying to cheat the other, intrigue against each other, drape oneself in the flag to impress people, although,we see a personWon’t trust completely like that, but inner castle always can stay so a door, the in relief light energy that allows un魔都新茶论坛derst

anding and communication is enoughCome in, him warmth that flimsy heart. Below a kind of exam is oriented system of education like this, the youth of most person is emasculated. We byThe place that the division commander restricts him strict上海贵族宝贝论坛ly wants what to think of, doing, they are afraid that we err, be afraid that we take roundabout way, butLittle im夜上海论坛网agine, a lot of businesses learn in the setback. Green, it is originally a make public and be in together flimsily, err and correct the mistake runs paralell, adamancy and sensitive withPut, the days that ideal and reality interweave. We are young over- , although did not make the conduct with ultra what in adolescence, but dark love Guo Mou femaleChild, proud do not wish to be subject to parents, the sensitive worry block oneself rises. After-thought that paragraph of years, rejoiceIt is not a blank, 80 years old when, I return can proud tell oneself: You had had your youth. You had had your youth.. This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-9-3 15:02 editors2 editors


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