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Taitannike feels afte爱上海r view

This stic阿拉爱上海HGking obtain acknowledgment X in all12上海龙凤自荐区Taitannike feels after view”You ‘ Re Going To Get Out Of Here. You ‘ Re Going To Go On, and You ‘ Re Going To Make Lots Of Babies, and You ‘ Re Going To Watch Them Grow, and You ‘ Re Going To Die An Old, an Old Lady, warm In Your Bed. Not Here. Not This Night.上海千花验证归来QF Not Like This. . ” you can leave here, full hall of your meeting descendants, you can look at your child to be brought up, you can be in hundred years hind die, you can die on warm bed, is not here. This is the translated text that sees on the network. What this film just does not refract a love merely is great, the mankind just can understand the courage that how much has truly on him body when facing death only. Be in in film when facing death: The hope that the young mother in steerage knows to live is uncertain as illusive, the fairy tale that telling beauty makes the child falls asleep peacefully; Aged couple is shedding a tear to be embraced gently, lie unruffledly on the bed to await Azrael to arrive; The executant on the boat people the music that playing grief of a music, cooperate in the end last time of life; The captain of old walks into captain’s room, the choice gives the last moment of life this blended in other to give birth to the oldest flame and brilliant place. The incisively and vividly that human ray reflects momently in this. And the final winding-up stage in film, when Rose returns a boat to go up once more, what everything all goes up in Taitannike as associate with is same, come in those dream that once returned her anew in the person that dies in disaster. The person that in be being remembered originally, should appear did not appear, do not know why I remember butterfly effect and horrible You Lun however these 2 film, 2 person it is to mirror instead likewise the thing that returning the past to change the past is上海千花网坊 a clinking mistake, can be the ending in film, ka Meilong上海后花园论坛 thinks expression gives another kind of different sense apparently very much. In the space that Rose returned those the s

oul of a deceased person, finishing once die peacefully after acceptance, beside return Jack, ka Meilong thinks expressive meaning depends on truly: No matter be in when, what place, love surmounts life and death. Love surmounts life and death.. This card is final by Lucifer741 at 2012-4-22 15:22 editors2 editors


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