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My tru上海2020龙凤e err

all12My true err              My true errIn with the friend bet in the bureau, I won; And in the game with you I was defeated, was defeated thoroughly. Silentdrinking coke of benefit of so called battle, the feeling is very sour, very bitter! Laughing to say when them: Your fellow is really fierce, you howwhen knowing this is a bureau, you can know me is how one kind feels in the heart, I hope I am moreFool, do not know the fact of incident forever, did not think of me like dream be in love with to go up with respect to so dramatic pictureFull stop, a bit sad, a bit desolate, a bit sentimental, it is very difficult really to face you! Sometimes why my true hate has master shrine that time, if not be,that time we are returned possibly nowIt is sibling, in that way we are OK the calm faces the other side, at least we are OK that the other side drives scald thin slices of meat in boiling water, knock knock bamboo to carry, Heart of one step aside, an insanity, be fond of together with you, accompany you in all care. When the nature when Xue Huabing be in harmony can belong to me one pieceOneself spring scenery, and now how? Th上海千花网2020FEe most familiar stranger, encounter on QQ, want to chat with you, butDo not know what to say, the distance is very close, but the heart is very far! Be forced second open a dialog box, to empty skyThe dialog is mad foolish be in a daze foolishly, but under be forced again second put out. Be fond of for you, for your care, because you are sad, change for you. Know perfectly well you to forget him impossibly forever, I also notThe likelihood gets a love that belongs to myself, but I still am willing to fly the forehead attacks fire. In a paragraph of days that gets along with you, I hope to be able to bring you happiness and joy very much really, accompany you to had gone youThat sad monsoon, but sometimes I am however ” the heart is superabundant, and power is insufficient ” treat a friend I return do a job with skill and ease, But before you I lose my head however is cannot the wood of vulture, be together every time what I always behave myself is very tallBig, often hang responsibility in mouth edge, so atmosphere always is so awkward, depressing. See you are not happy, my heartYou are compared in more afflictive, your smile may be the biggest luxury in my lifetime. I think the harbour of your lifetime very much! Be in what be rejected by you hind I ever cheated myself I also do not love you again, but the result is how, Isubconscious in it is you completely, be in Bacchic later those who see is you completely, think in the heart, those who read aloud is you completely, in do not have youin the day that I am not me true any more it is a puppet, there is gaunt body in the place that has youShadow, after I always think drunk wine can a bit braver, but those who see is your impatient expression however. I once had blamed you, feeling to be together with you is one kind suffers simply, this probably namely I am right wThe reason with w and z y good l their OK and silent audition the anguish that I say my heart is medium, although I am mixed z y l oneGo seeing meteor shower since, go master shrine plays all night, but this can how, the some in my heart or you, I notStop ask oneself: I love not to love you after all, love you to have many again deep, what did I do for you again? What alsoWithout, know perfectly well carsick you are very painful, cannot give you the simplest care however, when patting big head to stick you already very bigSquare, and I! In Na Hang when, actually my why does not know to should accompany you to dance, but I hypocritical howeverPretend to discuss an issue in one horn, I am good him hate, why am I met so cowardly, you do not deserve to do you at allBoy friend, same I also ask without the qualification your what, more blame you what is more,the rather that! I am willing to change everything for you, it is euqally good also to other girl that you blame me, I the phone was not hit now, letterCeased to be not sent, kiss affection 500 minutes to also can use more than 100 minutes only, 30 yuan lowest consumption also is used not complete, Although such I still am not willing to exit close affection group, because that once was the close affection group that belongs to us, I oneselfConvict is in book sea, be in tiredly field, only such my abilities do not consider those issues, know perfectly well there is a girl to like me on the class, I also can regard as only do not know, what calculate the outfit in the heart is your shadow only, but also allow no less than someone else, you complain meHave bit of old man, I am worn no longer now installing, conversation also goes off have too much general principle, do not think again coronetGrandiose, I understand what you need is not alway上海大龙凤EFs together, however butterfly Shuang Fei; Not be a solemn pledge of love, however the heart hasLing Xi. You hate me beautiful money is too much, I am met everyday now chalk it up, mobile phone cost becomes little, also do not play a friendDined together, because save,also can issue a yuan of two-spot sometimes and glad. Imagine attraction from opposite sex that in winter vacation hind, the too close likelihood阿拉爱上海 that if force,I know we also do not become even the friend, butYou also let me know some things at the same time is not to wait come, I can do what just let oneself change is better, wait for you to answerCome! But wait for me the constellation after one day w w tells me you dine together that is in her home, you chatted very long but you chatThe theme has doggie and frog only, have individual character sign that sees you on your QQ plus me: Can make replace one dayI love you! I still am comforted a bit, but when the daily record that sees your QQ space when me, I understood completely, the heart is very cool. Two paragraphs that when saw you: ” know the good luck that loving you is my lifetime! ” and ” the baby that I already was not him, but alsoDo do not answer that only carefree cheesy monkey. But be not hated, want to lend half cloud deck the mood only ” when feelingBecome aware I am

in your heart whats are, a bit position also is done not have, you still are sentimentally attached to all the time he, if one day heAgree to turn round, you still can excuse him certainly, because you still are waiting for him,come back. After coming back, I tell myself: ” notAgain covet, if you love her really, your open-armed blessing she is happy! ” him suggestion: YouWas to make a dream nevertheless, a beautiful and sweet dream! Originally these I am not to want to be carried again, but you are in however this moment dare that painful nerve, you butWith choosing me, but you can not suspect me the love to you, suspect me the acceptance to you. Although I know me notCan fool a girl in that way like others happy, but the love that I know to I give you all the time very quiet, I can be in all the time your bodyYou are looked at silently after, silent guardianship is worn you. The person that I did not think of to I love really can be set unexpectedly bureau make fun of me, andAnd still can suspect me, I do not think that thing to be carried again really, also do not want to explain, how do without giving thought to,you think me, you howHandle me also without giving thought to, I want you to be clear that I love to did not change all the time to you only, do not take false. Although I all the t魔都新茶论坛imeDid not get your affirmation, you also did not have overmeasure yourself, my true to your care heaven and earth but ancient bronze mirror. Your master once said with me: Grandson it is a good girl! I laugh: Be, she is a good girl really, the likelihood is me good luck is insufficient! We stare at each other smilingly, those who laugh is very helpless I believe lot very much all the time, we may be the sort贵族宝贝 上海论坛DF of having the predestined relationship does not have cent! !! This card is final You Guzhou 2 Xie Yu 2012-10-12 16:24 editors4 editors


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